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A letter from Tony

“I believe a proactive approach to mental health can help give more people the tools and knowledge they need to adjust, so they can live a happy and meaningful life.”

If you’ve found yourself here, you might be looking for some answers in regards to your mental health journey, and how it could be affecting your professional career. With one in five (that’s 20% of Australians) aged 16-85 experiencing a mental illness in any year, it’s never too early to start looking after your mental health and wellbeing.

Every day, at least six Australians die from suicide and a further thirty people will attempt to take their own life. In Australia alone, mental health issues are currently estimated to cost our economy up to $60 billion annually.

That’s why I started my coaching services—as a proactive approach to assist every day Australians move towards a better understanding of their own mental health. When people have access to the education and resources they need, we can work together to reduce the stigma around how we feel. My aim is to identify poor habits or thoughts that contribute to a poor state of mental health and replace them with new habits that have long term positive mental health outcomes.

In my coaching sessions, I offer a mental health self-assessment tool that is controlled by you. It’s also flexible, so we can adjust and make improvements as you continue on your journey. If you’re struggling to identify the next step in your journey, I’d love to help you. If you’re just beginning your journey, I welcome you to connect with me.

Let’s walk together.


Tony Kiss
Online Classes
Group Sessions

Executive Mental Wellbeing Leadership Program

Are you looking to create a company culture with humanistic approach that supports growth, community and better states of mental wellbeing?

Through this corporate program, we’ll work together to help you create a culture of trust, loyalty and collective healthy mindsets through an approach to leadership, tailored to your workplace
or organisation. I work to align my coaching methods with your company values, keeping your people front of mind.

Learn how to respond to a toxic work culture by creating a sense of connection and trust in your workplace.

The eDISC behavioural profiling tool provides that superior advantage developing a better understanding of how to improve the performance and effectiveness of individuals, teams and organisations, a thorough understanding of their natural behaviour, communication and work styles will clearly be advantageous.

Learn how to
  • Keep your staff attrition rate down
  • Recognise mental health absenteeism
  • Understand suicide prevention in the workplace
  • Create a better connected company culture that embraces existing values and vision
  • Educate and support all team members in their mental health journey
  • Identify a team member that is struggling with their mental wellbeing
Online Classes

One-on-One Mental Wellbeing Coaching

Individual coaching sessions are designed to bring out the best version of yourself.

I offer a personal approach to help you with your mental health journey. Together, we’ll work to identify blindspots that may be hindering your state of mind, and work towards incorporating healthier, alternative ways of thinking to adjust your life for the better.

Life can be challenging at times, and often feels like an uphill struggle. If you’ve been feeling disconnected to your true self, that’s where a mental health coach can assist you.

Learn how to
  • Explore limiting beliefs and habits that may be limiting your capacity to achieve results you are truly capable of achieving
  • Access an authentic platform to help inspire and motivate yourself and others
  • Connect to your true self
  • Gain better mental wellbeing coping strategies, tools and knowledge to help support your own state of mind
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Online Classes

Proactive Mental Wellbeing Workshops

Are you looking for a new way of approaching your mental health?

In my Proactive Mental Health Workshops, I offer a unique, yet scientifically proven approach, to empower you to take a proactive approach to mental health. These workshops will assist you in identifying your weaknesses and blind spots in your mental health journey.

Following our 6 levels approach, you’ll be given new tools and become capable to make self-improvements in order to enjoy a healthier state of mind within your mental health journey.

Learn how to
  • Discover your true capacity to achieve results
  • Access real authenticity, inspiration and motivation from within
  • Connect to your inner-self and find your truth
  • Explore limiting beliefs and negative habits creating mental roadblocks
  • Learn a new toolset of mental health
    coping strategies
  • Gain knowledge to help support your own state of mind
About me

A decade of experience assisting thousands of people in their personal journeys

With a real passion for helping people connect with their values and find their purpose in life, I live and work by the philosophy that a well-connected, value-driven world inspires personal growth and love.

Combining my degree in Psychology with my entrepreneurial experience in the Business and the Entertainment Industry, I believe in helping people approach their inner-self through leadership and life coaching. With over 20 years experience, and a decade of that spent as a mental health practitioner, Lifeline Counsellor and Mental Health Educator at TAFE NSW, I’ve assisted over ten thousand people in discovering powerful, engaging, self-narratives that influence and inspire others.

My flexible, humanistic approach can be tailored to suit anyone’s mental health journey.


What can I do to make myself feel better?

It’s incredibly important that you talk to somebody about what may be weighing you down. For some people, practicing mindfulness techniques, such as breathing exercises or meditation, can often help create clarity. If this doesn’t work, it’s always a great idea to call a friend, or get some fresh air by going for a walk.

Am I alone in feeling like this?

The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. Struggling with your mental health is a very common experience. One in five Australians aged 16-85 (which is about 20% of Aussies) experience a mental illness. Most commonly, these can include depressive, anxiety and substance use disorders.

Is mentoring guaranteed to work?

Whether or not mentoring works honestly depends on the individual and how committed they are to wanting to change their state of mind. I can’t offer a guarantee that this will work, but I can offer that I will try my best to help you get to the state of mind that you want.

Mentoring has proven to be very effective in assisting many people to a better state of mental health by assisting in the identification of thoughts and behaviours that contribute to a downward spiral of mental health. By providing you with the right support, I can help empower you to approach your mental health more positively. However, this service is not for those suffering with mental illnesses that require psychiatric intervention.

How long will it take for me to feel a change?

Though I wish I could give a clearer answer, this is very individual for most cases. Some people need only one session to gain clarity, whereas others may need ongoing mentoring, depending on the onset, severity and duration of their state of mental health. There is no fixed time, as each person’s mental health journey is unique. However, you can learn coping strategies to apply to your long-term mental health plan. Remember, it’s important to seek professional help from a doctor or psychologist if you’re really struggling.

Global community that is designed to support one another through life's journey

TNT Thursday Podcast

Come and join Australia’s favourite psychic medium Tonia Reeve’s and mental well-being coach Tony Kiss as they chat all things about life and actually how to get through it.. It's raw, funny, honest and just a good chat.

words from the people I’ve assisted
during their journey

“Tony’s advice and support was fantastic.”

He was able to give me constructive and valuable feedback about my content and presentations skills, which enabled me to hone my technique and engagement with the audience.

Laura Siddall - Professional Triathlete

“Working with Tony, I have discovered self-worth and confidence.”

One of Tony’s many great assets as my performance mind coach is that he helps steer me towards my understanding of who I am, from my strengths to the areas of potential growth. Tony does not just say what they are. He develops the strength within me to realise what they are for myself, and in turn become empowered by that new-found independence. Tony has helped me with my issues, that range from lacking self-esteem to the eating disorder, bulimia.

Rupert Guinness - Sports Writer and Author, Multimedia Producer ultra cycling endurance athlete ;  8th place 2020 Virtual Race Across America cycle race, finisher 2018 Indian Pacific Wheel Race, 10 times Ironman Triathlon competitor, former rower.

“Tony was great at leading a really constructive conversation”

With all the changes COVID-19 has thrust upon the workplace, I really wanted to do a mental health check in with my team who are all working remotely and juggling a raft a unique circumstances. Tony was great at leading a really constructive conversation around how everyone was coping, and having a very open conversation about mental health. Having a professional facilitator I think works really well as it allows you to be part of the conversation rather than leading it. I’d recommend this to anyone managing a team.

Liz Smith - Director UNSW Online

“Tony’s ability to be thoughtful, humorous, and inspire vulnerability helped us achieve an out of self-reflection and growth in the workshop Tony facilitated.”

Tony’s workshop was orchestrated within a tight deadline yet he delivered it in the same smooth and professional way. Tony has worked with Lost Motos as a mentor in both group and individual settings. He continues to help our members connect to themselves and the world around them. We look forward to continuing to work with Tony to develop our impact on men’s mental health in Australia and worldwide.

Lost Motos

“Tony helped bring a new perspective to the way we conduct our works.”

With his particular way of consulting we managed to get great results from our team members. I believe his approach and personality really made the difference.

Nicholas Kouvaris -Project Director Wynyard Walk

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